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If you see this page, Your are entering the quick program of the game.

JuiceScript is a fresh and innovative programming language, meticulously crafted to validate the learning outcomes of compiler development enthusiasts. Originating from comprehensive studies in compiler construction, and further refined by hands-on experience in developing lexical analyzers, syntax parsers, simple machine-independent code optimizers, and a RISC-V virtual machine, JuiceScript epitomizes the application of theory in practical scenarios.

With an emphasis on simplicity and accessibility, JuiceScript boasts a compact codebase, comprising only 5,294 lines and 51 functions dedicated to non-debugging purposes. This streamlined design not only facilitates a quick grasp of the language's structure but also encourages modifications and enhancements, positioning JuiceScript as an exemplary platform for educational and experimental endeavors.

Inspired by the distinctive characteristics of C, Python, and JavaScript, JuiceScript integrates a diverse array of features from these languages, offering a versatile programming experience. Regardless of your preference for structured, object-oriented, or functional programming, JuiceScript accommodates a variety of programming paradigms, empowering you to explore and innovate freely.

Among its notable attributes, JuiceScript's support for automatic garbage collection (GC) stands out, eliminating the need for manual memory management. This crucial feature ensures optimal memory utilization, effectively preventing memory leaks and contributing to the development of more reliable and efficient software.

JuiceScript is more than just a programming language; it is a declaration of the transformative power of experiential learning. Designed for both seasoned developers and novices alike, JuiceScript provides a comprehensive, hands-on experience that seamlessly bridges theoretical knowledge with practical application.

Embark on a journey with JuiceScript, where innovation meets education, and witness the evolution of programming languages. Join us in shaping the future, one line of code at a time.

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For online documentation and support please refer to doc.juicescript.com.

Commercial support is available at mail to juicemail@163.com.

Thank you for using juiceScript.




git clone git://juicescript.com/juicescript.git

Name Size Date Md5
JuiceScript_project_2024.1.5.zip 246K 2024/1/5 21.44.35 70752a20b5dc206769df15dfa7629943
JuiceScript_linux_2023.11.27_21.44.35.tar.gz 21K 2023/11/27 21.44.35 76bfbd1712617b8b08f8022decdf0fff
JuiceScript_linux_2023.11.28_23.32.10.tar.gz 23K 2023/11/28 23.32.10 9bf962da2568b00c6ac1502bc6ef2584
JuiceScript_linux_2023.11.29_22.32.10.tar.gz 24K 2023/11/29 22.32.10 e27a7addbf04ddbfa83f8cb32300d965

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